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  • Inside Out 2 (English) June 14, 2024
    INSIDE OUT 2 is the story of a teenage girl and her emotions. A year after the events of the first film, Riley (Kensington Tallman) has adjusted to her new life in San Francisco. She turns 13 and gets better at playing hockey. Meanwhile, inside her head, her emotions - Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis […]
  • Battle Of Chhuriyaan June 12, 2024
    The story of a bloody struggle for power and supremacy between miscreants in Sherghati in the late seventies. A new face of cruelty and terror will be seen in the story of Battle of Chhuriyaan Chapter 1. It is impossible to identify who is the hero and who is the villain and who is whose […]
  • Blackout June 6, 2024
    BLACKOUT is the story of a bunch of madcap characters. Lenny Dsouza (Vikrant Massey) works in Pune as a crime journalist and is known for his explosive sting operations. He arrives home to his wife Roshni (Ruhani Sharma), who's cooking. The dal gets burnt and electricity gets cut. Roshni asks him to buy anda pao. […]
  • Atlas (English) May 24, 2024
    ATLAS is the story of an analyst trying to stop an AI terrorist. Val Shepherd (Lana Parrilla) of Shepherd Robotics develops an AI robot named Harlan (Simu Liu). Things go wrong and Harlan becomes very powerful. He weaponizes other AI bots and begins to attack humanity. Various countries together develop an organization named the International Coalition of Nations (ICN) […]
  • Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (English) May 23, 2024
    FURIOSA: A MAD MAX SAGA is the story of a woman out to take revenge. A young Furiosa (Alyla Browne) resides in a place called 'Green Place', which is an oasis of sorts in the middle of a desert region. A biker gang sneaks into the Green Place. They kidnap Furiosa and take her to […]
  • Bajrang Aur Ali May 17, 2024
    "Bajrang Aur Ali" is celebrated as one of the greatest friendship movies ever! It tells the story of Bajrang and Ali, two friends from different communities. As they navigate through life, they face numerous challenges that threaten to tear their friendship apart. Despite the odds, they go to extreme lengths to keep their bond alive. […]
  • Phooli May 16, 2024
    The storyline revolves around the young girl Phooli, who wants to study and pursue her dreams, it depicts her struggles and her eagerness to study but her circumstances do not allow her to continue with her education, later a “Jaadugar” (Magician) enters her life and helps her overcome her situations and motivates her to excel […]
  • IF (English) May 16, 2024
    Synopsis: IF is the story of a young girl and her imaginary friends. Elizabeth aka Bea (Cailey Fleming), 12, loses her mother to a terminal illness. Her father (John Krasinski), meanwhile, is admitted to a hospital for a risky heart surgery. Bea, who's still not over her mother's demise, fears that she might lose her […]
  • Malhar May 13, 2024
    It’s a gathering of three stories which are interconnected and are happening in the same village. In extreme rural village situated in Kutch, This film revolves around two best friends and their struggle to get the run down hearing aid repaired. Jasmine, elder sister of Javed , falls in love with Jatin the hindu guy. […]
  • Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (English) May 9, 2024
    KINGDOM OF THE PLANET OF THE APES is the story of a young ape fighting for his clan. A few hundred years after Caesar’s death, the apes have split into numerous clans. Noa (Owen Teague) is a part of the Eagle Clan and his father, Koro (Neil Sandilands), is the chief. Noa along with his […]